Blog Post #10: Reflection

This PSA project was so much fun to create but it took a lot of work to put the video together. To reiterate, for our (Becca and I) project, we decided to focus on Pinterest- a site where people pin stuff that they are interested in and other people can re-pin the images to their own walls. Our target audience for this project is our classmates in our English class but also our audience can apply to those who have at least seen Pinterest and know a bit of what it is. Our ultimate purpose of creating this video is to inform our classmates on what Pinterest is and leave them with the question of whether they think Pinterest is a form of writing or not. We also want Pinterest to challenge the beliefs of those who already had thoughts of Pinterest. We also wanted to learn more about Pinterest and see whether Pinterest is geared toward one gender or not. In order to make our purpose clear, we conducted interviews and surveys to get a vast idea of what people generally think about Pinterest. This project has been challenging for us because we are not pros at shooting videos and filming, so we had to get help to set up the filming equipment in the Ugli presentation room. Another struggle we went through was how to upload the video that we shot using the Ugli camera to Becca’s computer. We also had trouble making the picture-in-picture and clip-ins work when we played the video. It would only freeze and nothing would show up. We literally spent 2 hours trying to work this and Melanie Yergeau helped us fix it! 🙂 We want the english class to know that we put so much work into this video and if we did not have a time-limit on how long the video should be, our video would most likely be 13 minutes. The part where Becca and I  are being interviewed took us 4 hours to shoot. We also wanted to show the class bloopers because they are really funny but it was too long. This project has furthered my understanding of rhetoric, composition, and analytical work by allowing me to realize that written words on paper are not the only form of writing. Writing can be expressed with images, text, and posts on website. I didn’t think Pinterest was a form of writing before I got a good look at it and realized that it really was. We hope you end up liking our video!

PSA Final Project Minutes 3

On December 6th, Becca and I had our rough draft of our video done before we came to class. We thought our video was good so far ,but we knew it still needed work. While doing peer editing with another group in class, we realized that our video should be only 3-4 minutes long but ours was originally 8 minutes long. We had to do a lot of cutting in our video to make it shorter and when watching our video, we realized that it got boring because the camera was aimed towards us talking straight for 3 minutes. We decided to transition up parts of the video by adding clips and images so the audience would not get bored. We realized that we also repeated information that we have stated before in the video so we cut some parts out. We also added light music to the background and make the transition smooth between each part.

PSA Final Project Minutes 2

We got a lot of work done today in class and out of class! Before class on Tuesday, Becca and I visited the Ugli Presentation Room to check out the room and the equipment where we were planning to shoot the video on December 5th. It is a very cool room and we are looking forward to the shooting!! We also interviewed people during the weekends and conducted surveys. In class on Tuesday, we began writing our script of what we were planning to say during the shoot and looked at the results of our surveys. We also checked out IMovie and how to add screen captures.

We finished our script by the end of class and we planned out everything for the shoot tonight. We are deciding to film and edit the entire movie by the end of tonight. We hope that by Thursday class period, we will have the whole draft of the video and that we only need to add the final touches to our video like transition and music.

So far, everything has gone well as we planned and we are working at the right pace and hopefully this video turns out the way we want it!

PSA Final Project Minutes 1

Up until November 29, Becca and I did not really have a clear idea on what we wanted to do. We knew we wanted to examine Pinterest, but we did not know what we wanted to focus on about Pinterest. After doing the Project Proposal, we got a better idea of what we wanted to do. And also, after we did the storyboard, we found out that we each have different awesome ideas that we could combine together. For example, we both wanted to see what guys and girls look at on Pinterest. But, I wanted to also interview people. I thought that would be a cool way to see what people have to say about Pinterest. Becca wanted to see how Pinterest impacted society. After combining our thoughts together, by the end of the day, we knew for sure we wanted to focus on what guys look at on Pinterest, what girls look at on Pinterest, how Pinterest has impacted society, and thus tying to how Pinterest is used rhetorically.

Once we planned out what we wanted to do, Becca and I went down to Mason Hall to rent out the video equipments for a couple of days. Also, we reserved a time slot at the Ugli on December 5th, 2012  from 7-9pm. We decided that December 5th was going to be the day where we were going to shoot our video. We also created a survey for people to take and when we were going to interview people. It was alot of planning. We have yet to execute our project in the next coming days!

Blog #9: Storyboard

For this project, Becca and I are planning to do a storyboard about Pinterest. We realized that girls and guys all over the world are fascinated with this social media and we want to see the reasons behind their fascination. We want to show you what girls look at when they are on Pinterest and what guys also look at on Pinterest (yes, not only girls look at Pinterest!). We also want to interview those that use Pinterest and their reasons behind getting involved with this social media. We want to know what is so cool about Pinterest? We also want to show Pinterest’s impact on media and society overall.